How to know when pineapple is ripe

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Just by seeing the pineapple you can’t tell it’s ripe because of its hard shells. But the process of checking the pineapple is very simple. You can do it at the grocery store. 

In this article, we will mention a few points that will surely help you to guess whether pineapple is ripe or not before buying it. This way you can save your money from buying rotten products from the supermarket or online grocery store in Goa. 

You can tell a pineapple is ripe by seeing the color and texture of its outer shell. The smell and weight of pineapple can also tell you whether the fruit is going to be spoiled or already spoiled. 

Some points you should keep in mind while buying pineapple from the grocery store:

  1. Color
  2. Texture
  3. Weight
  4. Smell


Pineapples that are ripe have lush and vibrant green leaves with a greenish yellow hue to the outer shell. Many buyers buy the pineapple with greenish-yellow leaves. That’s wrong. 


Another trick to finding pineapple is ripe is to press the fruit with your fingers and check. Pineapples that are ripe have a firm, yet slightly soft, outer shell whereas unripe fruits have completely hard shells, so when you squeeze them, you won’t feel a softness.


Heavy weight pineapples are riper than lighter weight pineapples. It’s also to know that heavy doesn’t mean large in size. 


If you take the base of the pineapple close to your nose you will notice a sweet smell. This smell identifies that fruit is ripe but if pineapple has little smell or no smell then it isn’t ripe. 

Why choose ripe pineapples

Unripe pineapples are toxic to your system. Also, unripe pineapples can cause throat irritation and have strong laxative effects on your body.

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